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Which is a fantastic archaeological site by the Israel Antiquities Authority.

Dr Aren Maeir (HT) notes:

Dr. Ofer Sion, who is the head of the survey department at the IAA, sent out an email today from which I first saw the excellent website of the Archaeological Survey of Israel. On this site (here is the Hebrew version and here is the English one [which is still listed as a beta version]), you can get online versions of 83 survey maps that have been published so far, including those that were published in hard and electronic forms. There are maps, photos, pottery plates, and most important, accessible summaries, and hard data, from all these maps.

Do check this out – it is an outstanding resource!

That it is! Enjoy.



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Via the Biblical Archaeology Society:

In the November/December 2013 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review, Yosef Garfinkel, Michael Hasel and Martin Klingbeil discuss the start of a new excavation at Lachish, the second most important city in ancient Judah after Jerusalem. Tel Lachish has a rich excavation history. In “An Ending and a Beginning: Why We’re Leaving Qeiyafa and Going to Lachish,” Garfinkel, Hasel and Klingbeil describe the history of the excavation: “Three previous expeditions excavated at Lachish. The first was British in 1932–1938, directed by James Leslie Starkey and his assistant Olga Tufnell. The second was an Israeli expedition directed by Yohanan Aharoni of Tel Aviv University for two seasons in 1966 and 1968. The third expedition, under the superb direction of David Ussishkin of Tel Aviv University, took place between 1974 and 1987. The Starkey-Tufnell and Ussishkin expeditions set new standards in excavation and publication. They revolutionized our understanding of various aspects of Lachish, such as the later history of Judah and the pre-Israelite Late Bronze Age Canaanite city.”

To mark the opening of the fourth expedition to Tel Lachish, we’ve made a collection of seven BAR articles on the third expedition to Lachish free and publicly available:

A deep incision into the western slope of Lachish under the direction of David Ussishkin.

David Ussishkin. “Answers at Lachish.” Biblical Archaeology Review, Nov/Dec 1979.

David Ussishkin. “News from the Field: Defensive Judean Counter-Ramp Found at Lachish in 1983 Season.Biblical Archaeology Review, Mar/Apr 1984.

Yigael Yadin. “The Mystery of the Unexplained Chain.” Biblical Archaeology Review, Jul/Aug 1984.

David Ussishkin. “Lachish—Key to the Israelite Conquest of Canaan?.” Biblical Archaeology Review, Jan/Feb 1987.

David Ussishkin. “Restoring the Great Gate at Lachish.” Biblical Archaeology Review, Mar/Apr 1988.

Steven Feldman. “Return to Lachish.” Biblical Archaeology Review, May/Jun 2002.

Philip J. King. “Why Lachish Matters.” Biblical Archaeology Review, Jul/Aug 2005.



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This is a fantastic offer!

Crossway is giving the ESV Study Bible Web App away for free until the end of November in celebration of their 75th anniversary.

For 75 years, Crossway has been committed to publishing gospel-centered resources that honor God, strengthen his church, and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. This was the fundamental mission Clyde and Muriel Dennis had 75 years ago—and, with God’s help, it’s what we hope to be doing for the next 75 years.

To celebrate this anniversary and to thank you for your continued support, we’re pleased to offer free digital access to the award-winning ESV Study Bible through the month of November. The ESV Study Bible Web App includes the study notes, maps, charts, illustrations, and theological articles found in the print edition—all integrated into’s easy-to-use interface.

Click here to complete the checkout process and start using the ESV Study Bible Web App.


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By Professor Oded Lipschits (PhD) and Ido Koch: The Fall and Rise of Jerusalem.

Learn about Judah under Babylonian rule.

Starts Oct 1st 2013 (6 weeks long).


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Click here.


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Associates for Biblical Research:

The course, called Archaeology and the Bible, will be taught by ABR Director of Development Henry Smith and GBS instructor Justin Singleton. Justin also serves as an ABR Associate. This course will discuss topics of archaeological importance as they relate to the Bible, including both significant finds and the procedures of archaeological discovery. The course will also help you deal with skeptical objections to the historicity of the Bible. The class offered this Spring will have an online component and an on-campus component. There will be a 2-day block session held in Cincinnati, Ohio on Jan 24-25, with a few weeks of online coursework that follow.

The class can be taken for 1, 2, or 3 credit hours (depending on the amount of work the student contracts to do). The one-credit version of the course costs less than $160, including room and board for the time you are on campus. To enroll in the course, or to get more information, contact Dr. Mark Bird at, by Jan 7th, 2013. You do not need to enroll at GBS or be matriculated to take the course. Find out more information about God’s Bible College by visiting:


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From Generation Word:

I just finished putting together the “Israel Field Book” and it is available as a .pdf download here.

This 188 page book includes details and photos from 66 sites in Israel and 80 in Jerusalem. It is accompanied by 300+ photos plus maps, diagrams and charts at the back of the book. This is a great download on an iPhone and once it is downloaded just touch the screen for the option to put it into your iBooks library. Hope it is useful while in the field in Israel.

Galyn Wiemers Generation Word

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